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About Us

We are a family of 4 from Germany. The main reason we are running this B&B on our 67 acre property is to raise funds for a building project that is very dear to our hearts. We are dreaming about building a community farm for families with foster children and single pregnant moms. We want to be able to offer a safe and affordable place to live with tons of opportunities for healing and trauma relief.


We have to do something to support foster children and single moms!


85% of inmates have been foster children. If we want to reduce the crime rate we have to start providing these children with a childhood where they are loved and cherished.


This is why we want to invest the majority of the money earned though the B&B to build houses for loving families willing to care for foster children or orphans.

We believe that every unborn child has the right to live. But we also believe that this needs to be expressed in supporting single moms who feel desperate and overwhelmed with their condition. We want to be able to provide child care as well as a safe and affordable place to live.


In order to do both, it is our dream to eventually build a community farm on our property. This way families and single moms can support each other, practically as well as emotionally.


Eventually, we want to be able to provide professional child care, therapy as well as regular small conferences with renowned speakers in the area of trauma.


With the professional support, the investment of the families, the farm animals as well as the beautiful nature with its creeks and waterfalls we hope to be able to provide an environment of hope, healing and love for those who need it the most.

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